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MamaRoo®4, it moves like you do

The 4moms MamaRoo®4 infant seat replicates the way parents naturally move when comforting their baby. It includes five different moves, five speeds and 4 natural sounds which you can all control from your smart device.


5 unique motions and 5 speeds

It includes five motions: car ride, kangaro, tree swing, rock-a-bye and wave.

They are based on real parents’ moves, recorded using motion sensors.

Each motion combines horizontal and vertical moves.

It also includes 5 speeds to soothe or entertain the baby.

mamaRoo4 - movimientos

4 sounds and connection for devices

It includes 4 natural sounds or white noises, that help the baby relax and sleep.

It also comes with a connection for devices (MP3, MP4, iPod, iPhone, smartphones, …) so you can play you favorite music or even you own voice.

mamaRoo4 - Conexión MP3

Compatible with smart devices

The baby swing comes with the Bluetooth Low Energy technology that allows you to control the type of motion, the speed, the volume or the sound from your smartphone or your tablet (from compatible devices), without getting up or waking the baby up.

Download the app for iOS
Download the app for Android

mamaRoo4 - móvil

Reversible toy balls

It includes a three reversible toy balls overhead mobile. Up to 4 months in black and white, and from this age in colors to stimulate the vision.
A rattle, a mirror and a crinkle ball will stimulate interactivity, senses and keep the baby entertained.

The play balls have the right size so he can grab them with his hands, bite and experiment.

The overhead mobile with the toy balls moves along with the mamaRoo4 and the baby, which makes it very soothing.

mamaRoo - Pelotas

Seat recline

The baby swing has an adjustable seat that can recline to any position along the axis.

To provide extra support and comfort to the baby, the newborn insert can optionally be used (sold separately).

mamaRoo4 - asiento

The newborn insert is available in two models:

Removable seat fabric

Removable and machine washable seat fabric.

Additional Information

It complies with the EN 12790.2009 safety standards for its use until the baby reaches 9 kg or can sit up unassisted (whichever comes first).

It works with an AC adapter.
It detects obstacles and automatically stops moving if an object is in its way.

Weight: 6,3 kg
Dimensions in the box: 66 x 54 x 21 cm
Dimensions oustide of the box: 61 x 51 x 86 cm

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