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TRIFIX² i-SIZE - Apertura


UN R129 (i-Size) - 76 cm and 15 months - 105 cm or 22 kg

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Designed to fit children between 76 and 105 cm in height (or up to 22 kg in weight), the TRIFIX 2 i-SIZE is a forward facing car seat created to be used after the infant carrier. With a simple and safe installation thanks to its ISOFIX connectors and Top Tether, it comes with an optimized seat to ensure enough space for a child from 15 months to about four years of age. It also incorporates a unique range of advanced safety technologies, such as the SICT inside, the Pivot Link system and the Top Tether with rip-stitch technology, among others.


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5-point harness

Up to 105 cm or 22 kg the child is fastened in the The TRIFIX 2 i-SIZE with the 5-point harness, which distributes the impact forces across five points: two on the shoulders, two on the hips and one on the closure buckle located between both legs.

The harness buckle stays in a forward position to make it easy to place your child in the seat for greater convenience.

The soft chest pads, made of high quality neoprene, help reduce your child’s forward movement in the event of a collision, and add even greater comfort to the harness. Plus, they can be easily removed for washing without disturbing the harness.

V-shaped headrest

The V-shaped headrest has been specifically designed to keep the head movement under control in the event of a side collision, while providing ultimate comfort at the same time.

It can be easily adjusted with one hand, together with the five-point harness, to suit the child's growth.

TRIFIX 2 i-SIZE - Reposacabezas

Reclining seat

The TRIFIX 2 i-SIZE has four selectable recline positions for maximum comfort.

Side protection

The SICT inside side impact absorption system is integrated into the seat shell and is always ready to act in the event of a collision, without the need for adjustment.

The sides with thick, soft padding also contribute to better protection in the event of a side impact.

TRIFIX 2 i-SIZE - Protección lateral

Installation with Isofix and Top Tether

The TRIFIX 2 i-SIZE is installed with Isofix and Top Tether, for which it has universal approval.

Isofix with Pivot Link

The ISOFIX connectors have Pivot Link, patented by Britax Römer, which initially directs the force of the impact downwards, pushing the seat against the vehicle seat and absorbing the energy, and then moving forwards more gently. This reduces the risk of head and neck injuries.

Top Tether with rip-stitch

The Top Tether is V-shaped, which reduces forward movement and offers more stability. It is equipped with rip-stitch technology, a unique stitching pattern designed so that the different seams progressively break apart in a controlled manner, absorbing energy in the event of a frontal impact.

TRIFIX 2 I-SIZE - Top Tether

Removable Cover

The upholstery and chest pads are easily removed for machine washing without removing the harness.

Product specifications

Forward facing from 15 months and 76 cm to 105 cm in height or 22 kg in weight.
Dimensions: 65 x 45 x 54 cm (height x width x depth)
Weight: 10.5 kg
Homologation: ECE R129 (i-Size)

TRIFIX 2 i-SIZE - Dimensiones

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