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BABY-SAFE 2 i-SIZE, safety and comfort up to 15 months

ECE R129 (i-Size) - 40 - 83 cm or 13 kg (birth - 15 months)

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Approved under the ECE R129 car seat regulation, the BABY-SAFE 2 i-SIZE is a infant carrier that provides safety and comfort from 40 cm to 83 cm in height or 13 kg in weight, that is to say, from birth to 15 months of age, approximately.


We can find the BABY-SAFE 2 i-SIZE (without base) or packs made up of the BABY-SAFE 2 i-SIZE (or the first version of the BABY-SAFE i-SIZE, in certain colors) and the Flex Base.

The BABY-SAFE 2 i-SIZE (without the base) is also available in the SMILE III Comfort Bundle.

And if you prefer to use it with the Flex Base, you can find it in the SMILE III Comfort Plus Bundle.

Patented lie-flat technology

To provide the most suitable and secure position for both newborns and 15-month-olds, this infant carrier features the patented lie-flat technology.

This technology offers a more ergonomic and reclining position for the newborn, but afterwards the angle and, therefore, the shape of the seat changes as the child grows. Simply adjust the headrest (in combination with the 5-point harness) according to the child's height so that the internal structure of the BABY-SAFE 2 i-SIZE changes as well.

The backrest keeps the head's center of gravity aligned with the axis of the spine to prevent forward rotation in the event of an impact.

BSiS - reclinacion

Isofix base with adjustable angle

To achieve an even more suitable position for the baby, the BABY-SAFE 2 i-SIZE is also served in a pack with the FLEX BASE, which is attached to the Isofix anchorage points of the car and allows the angle of inclination to be adjusted in four positions ( 0, 3, 6 and 9 degrees). This is to compensate for the excessive inclination of many car seats, which can cause the baby's head to tip forward.

A practical indicator lets you know if the angle of inclination is correct (green) or if it is too flat (red), which prevents us from reclining the carrier excessively to preserve its effectiveness against a frontal impact.

Base Flex

Newborn insert included

The BABY-SAFE 2 i-SIZE includes a newborn insert, equipped with removable elements that absorb the energy generated in an impact.

Optimal side impact protection

To offer greater lateral protection, it includes a retractable Side Impact Absorption System (SICT) . You just have to unfold the side element closest to the door to bring the point of impact closer and thus reduce the movement of the chair in the event of a side collision, minimizing the kinetic energy that the baby's body acquires and thus the absorption requirements. .

Furthermore, the retractable side elements collapse during impact, absorbing energy from the outside of the device, and the forces involved diverge towards the ends rather than towards the baby's body.

5-point harness, sun canopy and adjustable handle

This infant carrier is completed by a five-point harness and easily one-hand adjustable headrest and a sun canopy with UPF 50+ protection.

In addition, the handle is adjustable: simply press the buttons on the sides to unlock it and move it forward or backward.

Installation in the car and stroller

The FLEX BASE of the BABY-SAFE 2 i-SIZE is installed with ISOFIX and support leg in any vehicle seat approved as i-Size. In cars without i-Size seats, it is necessary to consult the list of approved vehicles to check compatibility.

Although it is recommended to always use the base, it is also possible to install the BABY-SAFE 2 i-SIZE directly with the vehicle's 3-point seat belt, for which it has universal approval.

The BABY-SAFE 2 i-SIZE can be fitted on any Britax Römer’s pushchairs , such as the SMILE III , thanks to the Click & Go adapters. It is also compatible with pushchairs from other brands, such as Bugaboo (among others), with specific adapters .

The indicators let you know if the infant carrier is fitted correctly on the base or in the pushchair, as they change from red (incorrect) to green (correct).

Aircraft approved

The second generation of this infant carrier, the BABY-SAFE 2 i-SIZE, has the approved for air travel. However, it is recommended to contact the airline for further information.

Removable cover

The cover can be easily removed for machine washing, without removing the harness.

Good results in tests

Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany, the BABY-SAFE 2 i-SIZE in combination with the BASE FLEX obtained a grade of 1.7 ("Good") in the car seat test of the German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest and the German club of the ADAC automobile (10/2018), whose results are published by entities such as the RACE or the OCU in Spain. Remember that in these tests, the lower the score, the better the evaluation.

Car seat specifications

Dimensions: 58 x 44 x 67 cm (height x width x depth)
Weight: 4.8 kg
Approval: ECE R129 (i-Size)

Dimensiones BSiS

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