MULTI-TECH III, rearward or forward facing (9-25 kg)

R44/04 - Group 1/2 (9-25 kg)

The versatile MULTI-TECH III enables extended rearward facing travel (from 9 to 25 kg), the safest way to travel, with the option for forward facing installation. The retractable side impact absorption system (SICT) contributes to a better protection in the event of a side collision.


The MULTI-TECH III is available from authorized dealers.

Rear-facing and forward-facing

It is recommended to travel rearward facing for as long as possible, as this orientation offers the best protection the head and cervical vertebrae in the event of a frontal impact. Plus, the MULTI-TECH III allows you to do so for longer, as it is approved for rearward facing orientation from 9 to 25 kg. When traveling rearward facing, the child is always secured with the five-point harness (9-25 kg).

For greater flexibility and to adapt to more cars, it can also be installed forward facing, from 9 to 25 kg. In this orientation, the child is restrained with the five-point harness up to 18 kg, and with the vehicle's three point seat belt up to 25 kg.

MULTI-TECH III - Orientación

The seat that grows with the child

The headrest and five-point harness can be easily adjusted with one hand to adapt to the child's growth.

When the child grows, the seat grows as well. In addition to height, the seat adjusts in width to best suit the occupant.

MULTI-TECH III - Regulación

Impact protection

The third generation of the MULTI-TECH features the retractable side impact absorption system SICT, which must only be opened on the side of the seat closest to the car door. The thick softly padded side wings also contribute to a better protection in the event of a side impact.

The chest pads reduce the child’s forward movement in the event of an impact and provide greater comfort to the harness.


Installation options

Rearward facing: Semi-universal approval for installation with the vehicle’s three point seat belt, support leg and lower tether straps to attachment to the underside of the vehicle. It can only be installed in this orientation in seats and cars appearing on the list of approved vehicles .

Forward facing: Universal approval for installation with the vehicle's three-point seat belt.

Removable cover

Practical design, with padded fabric that can easily be removed for machine washing.


Forward facing or rearward facing seat, from 9 to 25 kg.
Dimensions: 62 - 72 x 45 x 48 cm (height x width x depth)
Weight: 10.5 kg
Approval: ECE R44/04

MULTI-TECH III - Dimensiones

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