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ECE R129 (i-Size) - 61 - 105 cm or 18 kg

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Homologated according to ECE R129 (i-Size) standard, the SWINGFIX M i-SIZE is exclusively oriented in the rearward facing position from 61 cm to 105 cm in height or 18 kg (whichever comes first). It is perfect for use after the infant carrier up to approximately 4 years old. It also rotates 90° towards both sides for easy placement and harnessing of your child. It is one of the few seats that has passed the demanding Swedish Plus Test.


The SWINGFIX M i-SIZE is available from authorized dealers .

With Plus test seal

Exclusively oriented rearward facing from 61 cm to 105 cm or 18 kg, the SWINGFIX M i-SIZE is certified by the demanding Swedish Plus Test, a very demanding and voluntary test that measures a car seat's ability to protect the head and neck in a frontal impact.

In the event of a frontal collision with a rearward facing seat, the impact forces are directed to the seat’s backrest, while the rest of the energy is distributed evenly across the head, neck and upper body.

90° Rotation

Rotates 90° to either side for positioning and buckling the child from the open car door and can be rotated to any recline position.

Maximum comfort for the child

The seat reclines in six positions for maximum comfort whether the child is awake or asleep.
The rebound bar can be adjusted by an entire 8º to adapt better to the car seat and offers up to 10% of additional leg space.

Dualfix i-Size - Reclinación y espacio piernas

Comfort Insert as an accessory

The SWINGFIX M i-SIZE does not include or is compatible with the newborn insert. The Comfort Insert, that can optionally be purchased, covers up to the child's lower back and helps to reduce the space between small children and the sides of the car seat, thus providing greater comfort.

Greater lateral protection

The side impact absorption system SICT inside is integrated into the car seat shell and is always ready to act in the event of a collision, without the necessity to adjust it.
The V-shaped headrest is designed to control head movement in the event of a side collision, while providing comfort. It can easily be adjusted with one hand, together with the five-point harness, to suit your child’s growth.

Dualfix i-Size - SICT inside y reposacabezas

5-point harness with neoprene chest pads

The soft chest pads, made of high-quality neoprene, reduce the child's forward movement in the event of an impact and add even greater comfort to the 5-point harness.

Dualfix i-Size - Arnés

Safe installation

The SWINGFIX M i-SIZE is installed with ISOFIX and support leg. As it is an i-Size chair, it is compatible with any vehicle seat approved as i-Size. For the cars without i-Size seats, it is necessary to check the compatibility in the list of approved vehicles.

Removable cover

Both the seat cover and chest pads can easily be taken-off for machine washing without removing the harness.

Made in Germany

The DUALFIX i-SIZE has been designed, developed and manufactured entirely in Germany, after undergoing numerous internal tests at the brand's own crash test facility, (one of the most modern in the world), while the seat cover is produced in Europe.

Product specifications

Rearward facing from 61 cm to 105 cm height or 18 kg weight
Weight: 15 kg
Dimensions: 48 x 44 x 74 cm (height x width x depth)
Homologation: ECE R129 (i-Size)

DUALFIX (M) i-SIZE - Dimensiones

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